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She's pretty in pink, with a heart of sixteen, yeah.

She'd do anything to be his world, to be his girl.

Kairi Matsuda
5 August
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Kairi Matsuda
Red hair
Blue-violet eyes
166 cm
Hibiscus 318
caring and kind-hearted girl
naturally talkative and makes new friends easily
fiercely protective of her friends
friendly, approachable, and generous person
generally good-natured
can be blunt and sarcastic, though usually around friends
sympathetic and can be firm, positive, and independent
when it comes to taking action or following things through to completion, sometimes needs encouragement, but given the right incentive, she'll follow through
can usually respond quickly to kind words or any appreciation shown towards her, though any flattery is sure to make her blush—if it concerns her looks
Student Name: Kairi Matsuda

Year: Freshman
Day/Evening: Day
Major: Music (performance)
Minor: Foreign Language Studies

First Period: Music Theory I
Second Period: English 101 - College Composition I
Break Period
Third: Algebra
Fourth: German I

EXTRA CURRICULAR: Volleyball, Theater


Not much about her past is known, other than that when she was about seven, she was taken in and adopted by a semi-wealthy couple. Yes, she has amnesia and can't remember anything past that day when they found her wandering alone down their street. She couldn't even remember her first name, and only because the couple had found attached to her necklace a small piece of paper tied around the pendant with just the name "Kairi" written in elegant handwriting on it did they know what it was.

She doesn't mind that she can't remember anything, because she was happy with living her life the way it was. Kairi took vocal and piano lessons, and though she was forced to do it at first, she grew to love music performance.

Her life was fairly normal—hardly anyone questioned her life before she was taken in, and even if they did, she would reply with a simple 'I don't know' and go on with what she was doing like it didn't bother her. Of course, there were times when she occasionally wondered about her life, and if someone happened to know anything, yes she'd be curious.

Kairi usually manages to stay out of trouble, only in the sense that she hasn't, you know, broken any bones or scars or anything like that. There have been and will be times when she'll do something drastic, like get involved in a harmless prank, but other than that, she's good at staying in line—hence her 'princess' nickname.
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